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HIMSSCast is a podcast produced by the HIMSS Media editorial team behind Healthcare IT News, MobiHealthNews, and Healthcare Finance News. In each episode, host Jonah Comstock is joined by editors from one or more of the brands and/or special guests from around the health tech industry to discuss major news stories or trends in the space. The aim of the show is to add depth, analysis, and color to our ongoing coverage of the digital health, health tech, and healthcare finance realms, as well as to facilitate lively conversations about hot health tech topics. HIMSSCast is a member of the Health Podcast Network (www.healthpodcastnetwork.com).

Recent Episodes

Untangling the complex web of US drug pricing — with AJ LoiaconoSeptember 17, 2021 Episode artwork Top Stories for 9/17September 17, 2021 Episode artwork HIMSS21 Changemaker: Geisinger's Karen MurphySeptember 14, 2021 Episode artwork How documentation burdens patients and clinicians, and what can be done — with Dr. Davin LundquistSeptember 10, 2021 Episode artwork Top Stories for 9/10September 10, 2021 Episode artwork How telehealth will settle in through the pandemic and beyond — with Dr. Laolu FayanjuSeptember 03, 2021 Episode artwork Top Stories for 9/3September 03, 2021 Episode artwork Telehealth and value-based care — with Dr. Andrew WatsonSeptember 02, 2021 Episode artwork An educational course to advance value-based care — with Tray Cockerell and Avra BowersAugust 27, 2021 Episode artwork Top Stories for 8/27August 26, 2021 Episode artwork MongoDB Presents: AI, FHIR, and the Cloud: Why Data is the Future of HealthcareAugust 23, 2021 Episode artwork Are digital therapeutics the future of mental health? — with Peter HamesAugust 20, 2021 Episode artwork PatientKeeper Presents: What Health IT in the Cloud Really Means for ProvidersAugust 18, 2021 Episode artwork Cybersecurity, patient experience and public health dominate HIMSS conversation August 13, 2021 Episode artwork Tegria Presents: Putting the Humanity Back in HealthcareAugust 07, 2021 Episode artwork Top Stories for 8/6August 06, 2021 Episode artwork The future of telehealth reimbursement — with Oleg Bestsennyy and Gunjan KhannaAugust 05, 2021 Episode artwork Citrix Presents: Simplifying the clinical experience as a part of the Digital Transformation journey.August 05, 2021 Episode artwork How COVID-19 changed Zoom — with Heidi WestAugust 04, 2021 Episode artwork Hyland Presents: Calming the chaos: Managing Point-of-Care Ultrasound (POCUS) content within your enterpriseAugust 04, 2021 Episode artwork HIMSS21 Changemaker Podcast: Isaiah NathanielAugust 02, 2021 Episode artwork Allscripts Presents: 'Simple is hard’, especially when you’re creating a new product for a complicated system like healthcare.August 02, 2021 Episode artwork Top Stories for 7/30July 30, 2021 Episode artwork Another blockbuster quarter for digital health funding — with Heather MackJuly 29, 2021 Episode artwork Making telehealth usable for everyone — with Amy SheonJuly 28, 2021 Episode artwork