The future of rural healthcare - with Lynn Barr

April 29, 2022 HIMSS Media Season 3 Episode 18
The future of rural healthcare - with Lynn Barr
Show Notes

Patients in rural parts of the United States often face specific and numerous barriers to care, including financial hurdles, logistical concerns and trust in the healthcare system.

As the founder of Caravan Health and Chief Innovation Officer at Signify Health, Lynn Barr is deeply involved in rural health policy. She joins Healthcare IT News Senior Editor Kat Jercich to discuss her journey of working with health systems, what role population health programs and value-based payment can play in inequities, and what policy changes are necessary for safety-net providers.

Talking points:

-60 million people live in rural America
-What data measurement can reveal about quality 
-The divide in life expectancy between rural and urban Americans
-Population health programs and value-based payment addressing inequities
-The HITECH Act's effect on independent physicians
-Small numbers don't work for judging cost
-Leading indicators of success for population health
-Why regional benchmarks may not be useful for safety-net providers

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