An educational course to advance value-based care — with Tray Cockerell and Avra Bowers

August 27, 2021 HIMSS Media Season 2 Episode 37
An educational course to advance value-based care — with Tray Cockerell and Avra Bowers
Show Notes

Everyone is talking about value-based care, and everyone says it's coming soon. But how soon is soon? And what, specifically, is value-based care? You may be familiar with the concept,  but are you familiar enough that you'd know how to change your workflow if your hospital announced a shift to value-based care tomorrow?

To address this information gap, Humana and the University of Houston launched a value-based care education course on Coursera earlier this year. Tray Cockerell, director of strategic relationships at Humana, and Avra Bowers, medical director at Humana, join host Jonah Comstock to discuss the course, how it came about, and why it's needed now.

Talking points: 

  • How the value-based care course came about 
  • Defining value-based care as more than a payment method
  • Value-based care as team-based, coordinated care
  • Pro-active vs reactive care — preventing poor outcomes
  • Limitations of fee for service around social determinants of health
  • What the course does and who it’s for
  • Practical skills around value-based care for providers
  • How to use the course if your organization hasn’t switched to value-based care yet
  • The importance of measuring and communicating metrics
  • The role of technology in the future of value-based care
  • Tray and Avra’s parting thoughts

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