How telehealth will settle in through the pandemic and beyond — with Dr. Laolu Fayanju

September 03, 2021 HIMSS Media Season 2 Episode 39
How telehealth will settle in through the pandemic and beyond — with Dr. Laolu Fayanju
Show Notes

Before COVID, many practices were hardly using telehealth for anything. During COVID, many practices had to use telehealth for nearly everything. The next era in telehealth will be about picking and choosing the right use cases for telehealth.

On today's HIMSSCast, Oak Street Health Regional Medical Director Dr. Laolu Fayanju joins Healthcare IT News Senior Editor Kat Jercich and host Jonah Comstock to discuss telehealth, remote patient monitoring, and choosing the right patients and use cases for virtual care.

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Talking points:

  • A little about Laolu and Oak Street Health
  • High-touch doesn’t necessarily mean in-person
  • How COVID-19 forced telehealth adoption
  • Oak Street’s telehealth operation, including tablet delivery and remote patient monitoring
  • Deciding when to use telehealth and for whom
  • Remote patient monitoring’s potential
  • “It takes a village” - the importance of team-based care
  • Health equity and advocating for the patient
  • Embracing technology across different demographics
  • The potential — and dangers — of consumer wearables

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